Association Databases Summit & Showcase

21 May 2019 | Hyatt Place Melbourne, Essendon Fields and Event Centre VIC



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Tue 21 May 2019


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Welcome to the Association Databases Summit & Showcase

Conference Chair: Denys Correll, Manager - Client Services, Associations Forum


Welcome from Major Partner Hyatt Place Melbourne, Essendon Fields


Associations Forum Overview

Associations Forum has initiated broad-based research into the database and technology systems associations are using and issues that arise. This session will report on findings and include comments on the use of engagement processes in conjunction with the database.

Christian Capper, Chief Operating Officer, Associations Forum


Technology Challenges and Opportunities for Associations

In this session with John Walker, IT Consultant with COTIQU, the current technological environment regarding associations will be illustrated. John will provide further notes on the challenges that associations face when selecting a system for their organisation, specifically what an organisation should ensure their system is capable of doing and what the organisation should know about their system.

John Walker, IT Consultant, COTIQU


Clade Solutions Showcase: No one wants to become a dinosaur – if you don’t innovate, you run a real risk of becoming extinct.

We believe associations should be at the forefront of innovation, interacting with members in new ways to maximize their potential. We are Clade, a leading Microsoft consultancy who developed a solution that meets the needs of the modern industry association: CAMS, the first fully functional cloud-based association management solution powered by Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform.

Allan Ho, Principal Consultant, Clade Solutions


Morning Tea


Systems User Comparison Workshop

This session will be an opportunity for delegates from similar-sized organisations to discuss their current systems, the positives, the negatives and their lasting impressions.

Facilitated by Associations Forum


Higher Logic Showcase: The Ultimate Member Engagement Strategy

Higher Logic is a global industry leader in cloud-based engagement platforms, our data-driven approach gives organisations worldwide an expanded suite of engagement capabilities, including online communities and marketing automation. Robert Barnes will use this time to illustrate the processes in which Higher Logic can help manage and track member interactions from the start of their member experience, the initial web visit to signing up for membership to renewal and the ongoing engagement.

Robert Barnes, Country Manager APAC, Higher Logic




Bond Software Showcase: Cultivating thriving memberships through digital innovation

During this session, Dave Hickling will demonstrate the Bond platform and how it can dramatically increase membership engagement, automate business processes, increase efficiency and give your members the experience they deserve.

Bond differs from other systems due to the nature of the technology; it is an ecosystem rather than a single package. The new Member Relationship Management (MRM) platform incorporated in the Bond ecosystem is an example of how Bond provides any member-based organisation powerful and flexible tools to best engage your teams, stakeholders and members that make up the lifeblood of your community by providing a place to connect, share and thrive.

Dave Hickling, Co-Founder & Director, Bond Software


Tips and Tools for Implementation and Ongoing Use of your Association Database

Whether you’ve just selected a new database solution for your Association or have been using your current solution for years, every Association will want to get the most business value, lowest cost and best performance from their technology and business processes. In this session, Alan Kramer, Managing Director of ASKra Consulting, will highlight proven strategies and techniques for Associations to achieve smoother, less costly and more successful implementation of new systems, and ways to improve the ongoing operational outcomes and value of their technology solution after going live. 

Alan Kramer, Managing Director, ASKra Consulting


Member Jungle Showcase: Simply Bringing Members Together

Leigh Clover will outline the major functions of the all-in-one platform provided by Member Jungle and how simple it is to use. Leigh will use a case study of an association client who has made the transition to using Member Jungle and the benefits they have gained.

Member Jungle combines everything you need to communicate and engage with your members into a single system that features a website, member and event management programs, e-commerce, a mobile app and much more. An important point of difference is the integration Member Jungle has with its mobile app. Leigh will provide relevant and interesting statistics on member engagement and use of the app as well as give a demonstration of the system capabilities.

Leigh Clover, Director of Sales and Marketing, Member Jungle


Afternoon Tea


TidyHQ Showcase: Complex membership administration made simple

Isaak Dury will demonstrate the TidyHQ membership platform providing insights for member acquisition, activations, retention and revenue – ultimately giving your members the best experience possible. This is combined with an administration suite that provides organisational wide insights in a simple to use package, allowing for an instant succession and governance experience.

TidyHQ offers both simple and complex membership options allowing for a range of organisation sizes including national and/or state bodies. A case study of Cycling Australia with 8 states and nearly 250 clubs providing over 10,000 membership options will be presented along with other professional association examples.

Isaak Dury, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, TidyHQ


Round Table Discussions

This interactive session will be a forum for the delegates to discuss what they have learnt from the Summit and ask further questions on how delegates use their technology.

Facilitated by Associations Forum


End of Summit